Eelke Says...

January 2023

Our head chef Eelke says the strangest things, which according to him are perfectly normal.

Dutch idioms, it turns out, don't always translate very well into English.

While it might be quite common in Holland to exclaim "Alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest!" when you're enjoying a meal, it's less familiar to hear somebody say "it's like an angel is pissing on my tongue" at the dinner table.

We love the confused silences that these lost-in-translation moments bring so much that we asked Eelke's kids to draw their interpretations of his expressions.
Can you guess what they mean?

Part 1
Part 1Now The Monkey Comes Out Of The Sleeve

Dutch expression
"nu komt de aap uit de mouw!"

English translation
"now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!"

Locavore NXT
Another drawing from tiny hands coming soon...