Meet The Fruitonoids

January 2023

We commissioned our talented illustrator friend Toys And Flowers to develop a "what if..." story about the future of food. True to form, he went the extra mile and conjured up a vision of a world where fruits became animals...

“Fruitanoids are fruit that have been ‘Genetically Modified Organism’ (GMO’d) to transform into animal figures, and no longer require to be planted into the soil. They just live on sun and water.  We hope this new invention inspires humans to give food more value, eat more fruit in a fun and quirky way, and in turn create a healthier population.”

– Toys And Flowers, Bali

Locavore NXT
Soursloths & Goldy Monkey
Locavore NXT
Applepillar & Salakobra
Locavore NXT
King Duri & Naga