NXT Facilities Dining Room
Locavore NXT Circle of Life
Locavore NXT Sawah Winds


If NXT is a mothership style project, you have just entered the control room.

The expansive architecture captures the imagination as guests sit with huge window views of the rice paddies and the open kitchen. Our kitchen team are busy during service and on view in our open kitchen design, right in the centre of the dining space.

It's not the only room you'll experience as part of the menu, but this is where the real action happens.

‘Circle of Life’
by Nyoman Arisana & Agency X
Canvas, paint, wood

We are all in the circle of life and our 3 metre-wide circular painting expresses the phases of birth, life, decay, nourishment, and rebirth from the perspective of a simple, symbolic fruit. Nyoman Arisana's spirituality flourishes throughout of an unreal scene of the NXT project; diners transform whilst eating and drinking, workwear clad teams hypnotically serve the guests, bees fly past mushrooms, ethereal glowing words and holy liquids.

‘Sawah Winds on Dutch Canals’ 2023
by Wayan Upadana & Agency X
Resin, paint, wire, metal, LED

A variety of eclectic objects in the iconic Delftware ceramic style, from cows to plates and large vases.  These re-imaginations of the traditional style tell their own stories of the Dutch Indonesian subjects in their paintings.

Guests first see the collection of objects in an earlier room displayed in the water pond. Now these same objects have been caught in a powerful, spiralling wind that has scattered them into a visceral shower of ceramic art masquerading as a chandelier. It’s a playful nod to Chef Eelke's Dutch nationality and heritage brought to life by the very talented (and patient) Wayan Upadana.