NXT Soil Regeneration



Solar power is generated at NXT with panels installed on the roof of our motorbike/car park, taking an otherwise redundant space and converting it into a natural power source. We work with solar company Sunterra and the electricity we generate is fed back onto the national grid. As of 2023 the solar energy we use is restricted to 15% of our total energy for the site, by government policy. We hope in the future this can change so we can generate more and work towards being totally off-grid.


Recycling our water helps reduce how much we use, and help keep more water in the ecosystem serving nature. All the waste water at NXT flows into our Treatment Plant and spends 10-14 days being filtered before it’s fed to our garden irrigation tank and used to water the rooftop food forest.


Our Organic Wellness Centre is where we separate all our waste, recycle, compost, shred plastic to be turned into recycled plastic and separate glass to be used as glass bricks for building. This ensures that nothing leaves NXT without a purpose – everything is used or turned into something that can be used.


All food scraps at NXT go into our worm composting farms, which turn liquid and soil matter into nutrient-rich fertiliser for our rooftop forest. This makes sure that we're feeding the soil we use to grow with, rather than just letting it feed us.


Yep, you read that correctly. All the toilets at NXT are connected to our Worm Sewage Treatment Plant – a chamber deep inside the basement where we have over 2000 worms going to work on everything that gets flushed. This is also where all the greywater from our kitchen sinks ends up. Everything needs to all get mixed together before it's filtered out and used for irrigation, and worms turned out to be the best ones for the job.